Expect NBA Game in Taipei!!!

As I know, NBA official decided to hold the NBA opening game in Taipei.

To me this is such a wonderful thing, because I always want to see a life NBA game, and this dream may come true on October 8th. “Nuggets” and “Pacers” will come to Taiwan to play this game, not the best teams, but neither the worst fortunate. Haha!!

Do u know how many people would like to watch the game? All the tickets were sold out in just half a day, and u can know from here that NBA’s fame really goes far far away . This game will be hold on “small large egg ”(小巨蛋), coming soon!! If u haven’t got the tickets yet, I feel sorry for u, because all the tickets were really sold out. I bet that u won’t get any, what u can do is go home, turn on TV and watch it, that’s all. Sorry!!

Now, let’s just sit down and expect to the game!!!


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